• The best cabarets in Paris

  • Cabarets are akin to the Paris culture since the 1800s. The first one was held in 1881 at Le Chat Noir, which has since transformed into a boutique hotel. The Parisian culture still holds on to this age-old practice that is reminiscent of the 19thcentury glitz and glamour. The shows have retained the erotic and female form of cabarets and have also included art, music, singing, dancing and acrobatics. Here are the best nightclubs you should attend when visiting the city :

    Moulin Rouge

    cabarets in Paris

    For romantic couples, your visit to the city of lights isn’t complete without visiting the iconic https://www.pariscityvision.com/en/paris-by-night/moulin-rouge. It was established in 1889 and is reminiscent of the Belle Epoque period in Paris. Artists gathered here to produce and attend memorable performances. The Moulin Rouge cabaret has inspired many Hollywood movies over the years. It was also an inspiration to Toulouse Lautrec’s paintings.

    Le Lido

    This cabaret is located on Champs-Elysees and was established in 1946, shortly after the liberation of Paris. Here, the dancers perform in breathtaking choreography, costumes and sets to create a show that redefines the origin of the French capital. The stage comes to life using state-of-art equipment that takes guests on an exciting journey through the city. The landscapes shift quickly in whimsical tunes to keep you entertained throughout the performance. These dancers wear extravagant costumes that dangle in the air and shine under the many lights on the stage.

    Le Crazy Horse

    This legendary cabaret has always been about glamour and impertinence. If you are looking to watch the famous Totally Crazy show, this is the place to be. It encapsulates all such features and has a captivating history of cabarets in a ninety-minute performance. Spectators are treated to the most iconic and unforgettable moments by the Belgian duo, Lolly Wish and Gorge Bangable, who expertly revive the 1920s mood.