• 5 Romantic Things to do in Paris for Couples

  • The city of Paris enjoys the reputation of being the city of love. Couples mostly visit this great city on vacation to rekindle their love and create great memories. If you’re planning to visit Paris, here are some amazing places to visit and activities to indulge in for an unforgettable experience.

    Enjoy a Breathtaking View of the City

    Experience a fulfilling moment of the city’s spectacular view from the Eiffel Tower. Climbing to the top of this magnificent landmark provides you a rare opportunity to observe the beautiful city with your lover by your side. Alternatively, take a romantic stroll in the beautiful Montmartre. Enjoy its small streets, the stairs, the Sacre Coeur not to forget the Place du Tertre. It's like a small love-filled village in France and one of the favourite activities of couples in Paris during Valentine's day.

    Go on a Cruise

    There’s nothing more romantic and satisfying than watching the sunset and some of the city’s iconic landmarks aboard a boat on the Seine River with someone special by your side. An evening cruise on the Seine is a great way to experience the city’s tranquility together with the picturesque light setting the right mood for romance. You can even consider having dinner on the Seine as you marvel at the sparkling lights' reflection on the water. It is a great idea to propose in Paris.

    Tango on the Seine

    Apart from the cruise, you could join other tango enthusiasts who gather along the mini amphitheaters when the weather is good and dance seductively to tango music. If you are not a dance enthusiast, you can watch the dancers in the incredibly romantic environment.

    Watch a movie

    Are you a lover of great movies? Spend the evening watching a movie in a Parisian theater. The charming theaters of Paris usually evoke some old school romance that is not easy to come by nowadays. If you are visiting Paris during summer, be sure to take advantage of the open air screenings of contemporary and classic films at the Parc de Lavallette as you get to cuddle-up too.

    Go on a picnic in the garden

    Visit Paris

    Paris has numerous elegant gardens and parks that are ideal picnic sites. You can be sure to have a great time during summer and spring where you get to enjoy the outdoors in the desired ambiance.

    From the parks to the monumental sites, Paris has a lot to offer for couples that are guaranteed to make for a truly romantic experience.